Important Tips to Close a Sale

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    tips-close-saleDon’t be coy when dealing with your customers or you’ll never nail that sale. You’re in the driving seat and you need to take charge. On the other hand, don’t use the pushy stereotypical used-car salesman technique or your customers will be running for the hills. Get the perfect balance and be inspired by these well proven closing procedures:

    Be Confident

    Take the stance that your customer is going to make a purchase and your confidence will translate subconsciously to your customer, helping to lead them down the road to a firm sale.

    “So do you feel you have all the information you need before you buy this?”

    Oh yes, you have reinforced the idea that they will be buying today!

    Be Time Aware

    If your customer has already indicated that they will buy your product when the time is ripe, be it after budget approval or a preliminary action is completed, build this into your closing statement.

    “To deliver our product by the end of the month, let’s discuss what we need to do in the short-term.”

    In other words, stop sitting on the fence. The customer will understand that you are expecting a sale at the pre-mentioned date so it’s time to get things moving.

    Be Direct I

    All has gone well so far and the customer is sending out some positive signals regarding their intention to buy. But you’re not wholly convinced and don’t want to scare them off. Go for the direct question close.

    “I think you’ve got all the information you need now. Can we agree on your order/moving forward/etc.?"

    Although it is clear that you expect a sale to result, it’s a gentle, but direct way to nudge the customer into his purchase.

    Be Direct II

    You are more than 100% confident that your customer is definitely going to buy. He is sending out all the right signals, so no time to shilly shally. Get it wrapped up.

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