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    create-company-taglineWhen you have finalized your company logo, it’s time to consider your company tagline. Easy peasy hey? Just a short phrase. Think again, my friend. The company tagline is one of the hardest items in your advertising repertoire to nail. It needs to sum up your business, your product, your philosophy. You need to consider your target market: young and trendy or mature and staid? How will it be used? In newspaper and magazine adverts, the tagline needs to shout out from the page; in television advertising, the voice can add a personality to the tagline using clever intonation.

    But the most important thing is that it is memorable – short, succinct where the use of rhyming words can help. Some tag lines are bold and upfront, others are quirky or funny and others are plain and factual. Take inspiration from some of these great company taglines.

    NIKE – Just do it! Back in 1988, Nike was far from being a marketing leader, but the launch of this tagline made people sit up and take notice. Rather than having a tagline about the quality of the sports products, this great tagline makes everyone believe that there is nothing to stop them from getting geared up and out on the baseball pitch / tennis court / athletics track.

    L’OREAL – Because You’re Worth It. A great tagline as it boosts the self esteem of all women. Yes I AM worth spending money on that great cream or hair product.

    BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine. This clearly brands BMW as producing the best quality vehicles ever so why would you look elsewhere?

    MCDONALDS – I’m Lovin’ It. Surprisingly this tagline wasn’t introduced until 2003 but it has already got worldwide recognition with the accompanying tune on TV. You know if you eat a McDonalds burger, that quite simply, you are going to love it!

    GILLETTE – The Best a Man Can Get. Not only is Gillette promoting their products as top of the range, but this tag line persuades a man that he should buy them as he deserves the best there is.

    M&Ms – Melt in Your Mouth, Not in your Hands. I love this one for just purely stating the facts. And it is really memorable and also a fabulous selling point for parents who prefer their children to be less chocolate smeared at the end of the day.

    KFC – Finger Lickin’ Good. Another factual and unforgettable tagline which sums up everything a KFC basket is all about. No one can eat a KFC without licking their fingers!

    HEINEKEN – Heineken Refreshes the Parts Other Beers Cannot Reach. A tagline that aims to show how that product is superior to all its competitors and how you are going to feel fully refreshed if you drink it.

    MASTERCARD – There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else there’s Mastercard. This is an unusually long tagline but it really does work. It stays in your mind and suggests that you can purchase whatever you want, so long as you have that magic Mastercard.

    CARLSBERG – Probably the Best Beer in the World. This tagline, introduced in 1973, is simple and very clever. The printed adverts often had the “probably” word partially obscured. Genius But Carlsberg have now updated their tagline to ‘That Calls for a Carlsberg’ which is building on the solid reputation of this long standing beer.

    AVIS – We Try Harder. This tagline is frequently seen on people’s top 10 list. A great way to suggest that the customer service from AVIS is far superior to anything its competitors can offer. However just recently the company launched its new tagline, ‘It’s Your Space’. Whether this will be as successful as the previous version awaits to be seen.

    When you start to create your small business company tagline, if your budget doesn’t stretch to Saatchi & Saatchi, bring in the whole team for a brainstorming session – and when you have the top 10 options, mull them over for several days before you commit to any. A good night’s sleep can put things in a whole new light and your tagline may even come to you in a dream!

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