Creating Customer Loyalty for your Business

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    In all your marketing efforts to attract new clients, don’t overlook those you already have – acknowledge their support and make them feel appreciated. You may have to spend a little time, effort and money but it will be a worthwhile spend. In today’s social networking society, you can be sure that people will spread the word about poor customer service but they will also share stories when a company’s service is way beyond their expectations. The power of shared client experiences is well established – consider the influence a website like can have on a hotel’s bookings. So here are some simple ways to get some positive stories about your company out there via satisfied clients:

    1.Be Polite

    Set up a simple response to every email you receive, so customers know it has been delivered successfully. “Thank you for your email. We will deal with your inquiry as soon as we can.” Make it visually attractive, and add information on a current promotion to further whet their appetites about what you can offer them.

    2.Seek Customers’ Feedback

    Make it easy for customers to give you feedback. Whether you have a simple paper questionnaire at your store, or an online version, encourage people to complete it. You can even offer a free giveaway to everyone who completes it – first name out of the hat on a certain date. Questionnaires are a great way to get tangible evidence of how your customers view your company, and if you set up the questionnaire as a simple tick box exercise, the results are easy to analyze and summarize.

    3.Reward Your Regulars

    Have you ever been annoyed to see an offer for a service that you have already bought, only to find out it’s only applicable to new clients? “What about me?” you might be thinking. It really is important to be fair in your offers. If some man off the street can get a 20% discount, why penalize the customers who are already true to you? Make sure you reward your customers with exclusive discounts off future purchases or invitations to events and launches. Make them feel special and nurtured.

    4.Follow Up Those Who Have Gone Astray

    If a regular customer hasn’t purchased anything from you for a while, would you know? Try to keep a track of the purchasing habits of your principal customers and when someone has been out of sight for a while, try to entice them back to you. Send a personalized email with an offer that might tempt them to buy from you once again.

    5.Work With Your Customer Service Department

    Take time to talk to your Customer Service Department. What kind of feedback are they getting? Are they tracking the number of drop outs and discovering why the customer didn’t complete on the sale? This type of fundamental question may shed light on why good leads aren’t converting into sales or why established customers are no longer buying.

    6.Customer Complaints

    If a customer is not happy and wants to talk to the manager, make sure they are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. It’s important to resolve any niggles before they escalate into a full blown complaint. When a customer feels aggrieved they will no longer be a loyal client – quite the opposite – they will be bad mouthing you to all their friends and colleagues.

    These simple approaches will make sure that once a customer buys from you that they will come back for more. Always treat them as a very special and valued client, and their loyalty to you will be sealed!

    Amanda Kelly

    Amanda is an active writer for J&R Marketing. Covering a wide range of social, marketing and business topics, Amanda also provides consulting services to many small businesses. 

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