5 Predictions for the Online Freelancer Market for 2013

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    5-predictions-online-freelancerBecause of the world wide recession, many small businesses are reluctant to hire new, full-time employees due to economic uncertainties.  However a recent study by the online freelancer company Elance, indicated that 85% of small companies understand the advantage of hiring online workers, namely the ability to quickly choose the best talent for a particular job.  And with there being no guarantees in today’s job market, it’s predicted that more and more people will be opting to do freelance work in 2013 which can only be great news for small firms.  Fabio Rosati, CEO of Elance predicts the following for the coming year:

    1. Doubling of service hiring online
    Based on figures for 2012, Rosati predicts that more and more services will be supplied by online freelancers, not only those providing creative expertise but also those who supply accountancy and legal services.  The demand for these services on Elance increased by 58%, 176% and 88% respectively from 2011 to 2012, and there is expectation that demand will double again in 2013.

    2. A quarter of all university students will enroll as online freelancers
    Freelancing has become the norm for students who have found that online jobs are more satisfying and rewarding than shop work or serving drinks at a bar.  Many will continue as freelancers post graduation to maintain their income.  Elance saw registered freelancers in their 20’s increase from 26% to 47% in 2012.

    3.Full-time employees who go freelance will triple
    Many full time employees have feared going freelance due to concerns over healthcare costs.  If the American health care reforms go ahead, many will be able to make the leap into the freelance world knowing that they will still have affordable healthcare available to them.  Rosati predicts a tripling of the number of employees who quit to become online freelancers.

    4.Fractional employment will surge in the job market
    Unemployed workers or part-time workers are turning to online work to generate much needed income.  This fractional employment will become more common place and will be further driven by companies who will only hire online freelancers on an “as needed” basis.

    5.Doubling of online freelancer hiring by all companies
    All companies, regardless of their size are starting to wake up to the fact that online hiring is cost effective.  In addition, it is easy to hire great talent quickly and to get excellent results.  In 2013, Rosati predicts that more and more companies will hire a virtual team to complement their onsite staff presence.

    As a small business owner, 2013 is the year to enjoy the benefits of hiring online freelancers to keep your business running effectively and profitably. There are many freelance companies to choose from. The type of workers range from small accounting tasks to full time virtual assistances. If you are looking to outsource work to a freelance company always compare pricing, view their resume/work history and take things slow until a trust is established.

    Joe Russo

    Joe Russo has over 6 years of experience with online marketing, sales and business management. Joe enjoys working on challenging projects, working late hours and the Boston Celtics. 

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