5 Phrases to Avoid if You Want to Be Successful

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    The alternative title for this article could be: “Things Never Uttered by Richard Branson”. Well, no, I don’t know Richard Branson personally so I confess to a little artistic license to get your attention. But as one of the world’s most dynamic and successful entrepreneurs, I bet my bottom dollar that he didn’t get where he is today by saying the following:

    1. That’s a great idea…..but
    The ‘but’ word is guaranteed to de-motivate your team. When frequently said by the boss, the team dreads meetings because their well thought-out plans and proposals will be batted back to the drawing board. However the ‘But Boss’ just can´t help seeing life through a kaleidoscope of pessimism and doom, and would rather stagnate in certainty, than forge forward to build up his business.

    2. I’ll never succeed
    So some of your projects got rejected; so your team mates didn’t agree with your proposals - don’t act like a reject and mope around. Analyze what went wrong, speak to your colleagues, make changes and get up there to make your pitch again.

    3. He doesn’t like me
    “If he liked me, I would have won that contract”. Wrong. The world of business is not based solely on friendships. We don’t need to really like someone to work with them, so long as they are professional, knowledgeable and deliver what we need. So brush up your act, become an authority in your field and the next contract award will you yours.

    4. I hate him
    “If it wasn’t for him, I would have got that job offer / pay rise / great promotion.” Is that so? Are you certain you can blame all your ills on one person? It would be far healthier to be positive – look hard at yourself and be honest about what you need to do to improve and nail those future breaks when they appear on your horizon.

    5. It was just luck
    “Thank you all so much for this coveted Industry Award. It was all down to good luck, you know.” Luck / divine intervention / jiggery-pokery were not the makers of your success. You and your hard working team were responsible. Learn to bask in the glory of your well deserved success.

    So on a final note, if Richard Branson ever gets to read this, I hope he agrees with all I have said and would encourage you all to take note and follow these wise words.

    Amanda Kelly

    Amanda is an active writer for J&R Marketing. Covering a wide range of social, marketing and business topics, Amanda also provides consulting services to many small businesses. 

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