How to Hire the Best Website Development Company

When you need a well designed and well thought out website that is results driven, you need to carefully choose a website development company to work with. Here are some things you should take into consideration:

What can they achieve?

If you want an effective website that ranks highly on website searches, you need to employ a company that can work on your project from its inception right through to launch and beyond.
• Can they produce a website in line with current industry standards?
• Can they produce a customized website to meet your needs?
• Do they have experience in system integration and advanced coding skills?
• Do they have proven SEO experience to ensure the final website ranks highly?
• Do they have experienced website copywriters to ensure website content is engaging and effective?
• Can they design mobile apps?

What qualifications do they have?
You need to be confident that the company has qualified professionals with experience to deliver what they promise.
• Have the team members got recognized qualifications, experience or other credentials to prove their competence in website development?
• Have they created any innovative solutions during a website design project?
• Have they worked for any official bodies such as governmental offices?

What do previous clients say about them?
Seek out testimonials from previous clients. You need to be confident that they can deliver, and satisfied clients are a great endorsement for any company.
• What types of businesses have they worked with before?
• Do they have long term working relationships with clients?
• Have they sufficient experience and expertise to create an effective website for your industry?
• Do you like the websites they have produced before?
• Have they got hard data to show the results they have achieved for other clients such as low bounce rates, high conversions and high rankings ?

Do you like them?
It is imperative that you meet the website development team before you hire them. Find out more about the individuals who will be working on your project and how the project will be managed.
• Which specific individuals will be working on your project and are they fully qualified?
• Are they enthusiastic about producing the best results possible?
• Will they take on board your business goals to produce a website that meets your needs?
• Who will run the project and how will they keep you updated on progress?

How much will they charge?
Ensure you are clear about the charges upfront.

• Have you got full details of everything that the project will entail and a corresponding fee?
• Will you own the website or will you have to pay an ongoing license?
• How long will the project take?
• Do you have prices for any additional extras that you may require once the initial project is completed?

Is the company financially stable?
Once your website is completed and launched, you will still need support regarding website maintenance and future developments. So make sure you choose a website development company that is financially stable.
• Who owns the company, is it well established and who are its shareholders?
• Is it sufficiently financially healthy to allow it to ride out any lean periods, when new projects are thin on the ground?

To ensure your final website is more than you hoped for, looks great, ranks highly, engages your visitors and persuades them to convert, choose your website development company taking into account the considerations above. At J&R Marketing, we always look at each project based on the specific needs of our customer. A large company that is growing and expanding typically does not need the same type of website that a small business needs. It's always important to make sure you are working with a company that understands what your specific needs are.


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